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7. Nutrition and Rehabilitation for Cancer Patients

Oleg P. Pankov

The ôMagic Rayö Moscow Center of Laser Medicine, Moscow, Russia

We developed a technique for a patients noninvasive detoxication before a photodynamic therapy session. The technique is supposed to activate physiological drainage systems. The latter include the gall bladder, liver, skin, kidneys, and lungs. The technique relies on the control of a living blood drop, and it runs as follows:

Preparatory Stage

  • Sango Coral 1 packet: dissolve it in 1 liter of water (in winter), or in 1.5áliter of water (in summer).
  • Microhydrin at the age of 20 to 40 years: half a capsule twice a day (in the morning and in the evening), or 1 capsule once a day (in the morning); at the age of over 40: one-fourth, one-third of a capsule twice a day.
  • Crystal Energy 5 to 8 drops: add them to 1 glass of water or other beverages (except for coffee and alcohol).

Bile Duct Drainage

Repeatedly once a month

To recover the bile duct passage, the patient should take the No-spa drug compound before going to bed. He or she should take 1 or 2 pills with hot tea containing honey. This recovers the passage via Oddis and Lutkens sphincter. In the morning, the patient should take:

  • Magnesia sulfate of 33 % (30-ml solution or 2 ampoules).
  • Sorbite (2 tablespoons melted in 100áml of hot water).
  • Vegetable oil of 50áml with a juice of half a lemon.
  • Egg yolk 1-2 pcs.
  • Acidic mineral water such as Essentukiá╣4 or 17 100-200áml.

These ingredients should be taken sequentially on an empty stomach at an interval of 30ámin. After taking each component, the patient should lie on his or her right-hand side on a hot-water bottle. The bile duct is drained on an empty stomach once a month. The patient may have a loose stool during the treatment. It is recommended that the patient should be on a vegetable and sour-milk diet.

Liver Depuration (in 2 days)

Repeatedly once a quarter (=3ámonths)

On the liver-depuration day, the patient should not take meat, coffee, chocolate, cakes, and garlic. The liver-depuration procedure consists of 3 sessions. They are performed at an interval of 3 or 7 days. On the liver-depuration day, the patient should have his or her final meal at 06:00áp.m. After that, the treatment runs as follows:

  • At 10:00 p.m., the patient takes 8 to 10 drops of a Valerianas tincture, mixed with a one-fourth full glass of water.
  • At 10:15áp.m., he or she takes 2 Allohol pills.
  • At 10:30 p.m., the patient mixes 30-50 ml of brandy with 30-50 ml of castor oil, followed by one-grapefruit juice. After that, the patient applies a hot-water bottle to his or her right-hand side for an hour or for an hour and a half. Before going to bed, the patient takes a Magnesium sulfate (1 teaspoon per glass of water).
  • On the next morning, the patient takes the Enterosgel compound (1 tablespoon per glass of water)..

Anti-helminthic Treatment

  • Before going to bed, the patient takes the Helmintox compound (according to the prescription). In the morning, he or she takes a laxative (1 tablespoon of Magnesium sulfate).
  • Before going to bed, the patient takes 1 Decaris pill. In the morning, he or she takes a laxative.
  • Before going to bed, the patient should take 2 Vermox (Mebendazole) pills for 3 days. In the morning, he or she takes a laxative.
  • The patient takes Biltricide (Praziquantel) according to the prescription, followed by a laxative in the morning.
  • The patient takes Albendasol according to the prescription, followed by a laxative in the morning.
  • The patient takes 5-8 Helmintosan pills daily for 1 month.

Anti-viral and Anti-mycotic Therapy

  • Colloidal Silver 1 teaspoon in the morning for 14 days, followed by a 10-day break, then 1 teaspoon in the morning for 14 days.
  • C-Free – according to the prescription (2 packages) for 1 month.
  • Pau DĺArco Bark ľ 3 capsules twice a day permanently.
  • Black Walnut Leaves 1 capsule twice a day for 1 month.

Intestinal blood circulation disorders may cause a patients intoxication. Blood eliminates toxins, which were taken up from tissues, in intestines. Intestinal disorders may be brought about by stresses and stimulants (such as sugar and coffee). Oxygen ensures normal functioning of all cells. It is carried by blood, or more exactly, by red blood cells (erythrocytes). In order that each erythrocyte would function effectively, it should contain a requisite number of atoms of iron, vitamin B12, and many other substances. When erythrocytes are stuck together owing to an impaired digestion or enzymic shortage, they become unable to pass via capillaries vessels that connect arteries and veins. It is the capillaries that enable oxygen to pass from blood into cells.

Toxic agents, known as free radicals, may damage an erythrocyte. These substances make a smooth erythrocyte irregular in shape. Because of this, the contact area between the erythrocyte and the capillary wall decreases. As a result, oxygen can easily pass into biological cells. Here, we must remember antioxidants substances that balance the interaction between the body and oxygen. Although oxygen is essential for vital functions, it may destroy tissues when it is in excess. Antioxidants prevent cells from oxygenation by the excess oxygen.

There are many antioxidants. The best of them are taken up not only by blood, but also by cells that use them. Blood absorbs many substances. The latter do not penetrate cells. They are eliminated from the body by the liver and kidneys. The most effective antioxidant is Microhydrin, which is the twenty-first centurys antioxidant.

When a person feels neither pain nor discomfort, he or she is in a good state. Poor health usually manifests itself by a number of symptoms (which a person can ignore, however).

Hence, any therapeutic technique, the antineoplastic one included, should begin with the persons depuration. Some particular depuration techniques are intended to maintain health at an optimum level. An adverse environment, heavy smoking, excessive drinking, as well as antibiotic and chemotherapeutic therapy consequences lead to the accumulation of harmful substances in various organs and systems. These substances intoxicate the human being, suppress his or her protective systems, and promote the persons transfer to predisease and disease states. In this case, the immune system stops functioning normally. It becomes insensitive both to the organisms regulatory signals and to the action of regulating drugs of natural origin.

All these phenomena become worse with years. This occurs due to a reduced metabolic activity and long-term constipation. It is known that the body becomes highly sensitive to medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals, as well as to micro- and macroelements after depuration. Because of this, short-term intensive depuration and long-term gentle cleaning proposed.

A depuration technique should be chosen on an individual-basis approach. The ôColo-VadaáPlusö program is among many present-day programs for body depuration. This is a uniquely balanced, step-by-step depuration program, which lasts for 14ádays. A complex of vegetative components, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes enables the body to eliminate the accumulated recrements and toxins. The ôColo-VadaáPlusö program creates a healthy internal environment by cleaning all excretory systems and the entire body. The ôColo-VadaáPlusö program prepares a person for optimum health within 14 days. It also changes some initial parameters of ôill health.ö This program causes a moderate activation of all protective forces of the body. It establishes metabolism that is optimum and more economic for a person. The ôColo-VadaáPlusö program improves the persons mental and physical abilities for work. The person becomes more resistant not only to adverse physical and chemical actions, but also to stress and biological aggression (such as infections). This program can gently correct various bodily imbalances, which enhances antineoplastic protection. In addition, it retards the development of age-related diseases (such as atherosclerosis and diabetes).

Saturation of the Body with Vitamins and Microelements


The intake of vitamináA substantially inhibits the development of tumor recurrences and tumor metastases after a surgical operation. When vitamináA is administered at a dose of 300 000áIU for a year, it prevents tumor development after surgical intervention for a long time. Unless vitamináA is administered, the human subject may be affected by prostate cancer or some forms of leukemia. VitamináA is also needed for epithelial cells that form the superficial layer of the skin. In this case, vitamináA prevents epithelial cells from malignancy. VitamináA is called an infection fighter and skin protector.


Beta-carotene is often said to be easily transmuted into vitamináA. However, when it acts as an independent antioxidant, Beta-carotene produces a stronger effect without transmutation into vitamináA. It was established that people consuming little Beta-carotene are often affected by cancer. This particularly goes for the case where nutrition shortage is accompanied by a low level of vitamináA in the body. The Beta-carotene level is much lower in malignant tissues. Beta-carotene produces a protective effect on many types of cancer. This particularly goes for tumors of the lung, stomach, and breast. According to experimental data, when Beta-carotene is consumed at doses more than 30ámg for more than 2ámonths, it considerably enhances the immune system functioning. An intake of Beta-carotene at a dose of 180ámg per day restored the exhaustion of immune cells in AIDS patients.

Pigment Lycopene, which is responsible for the coloration of tomatoes and water-melons, seems to be the strongest carotenoid, which is often disregarded. Probably, the antineoplastic protection of Lycopene is greater by an order of magnitude as compared to its well-known partner of the carotenoid type. Lycopene is particularly effective in the treatment of cancer of the breast, lung, endometrium, and prostate.

One should take an entire spectrum of carotenoids. These substances are contained in all dark-green leaf vegetables and yellow-orange vegetables (such as the pumpkin and carrot). Lycopene is present in pink grapefruits, tomatoes, water-melons, and guavas. One should also remember that fat-free diets disable optimum carotenoid assimilation from food.


The more vitamináE, the less the cancer risk. A daily intake of vitamináE at a dose of 400áIU can prevent the transformation of nitrates and some substances present in smoked products and pickles into carcinogenic nitrosamines. The intake of vitamináE will not cause the inverse transformation of nitrosamines into nitrates. VitamináE produces a protective effect at a dose of 400áIU. Its efficiency increases in the presence of other nutrients antioxidants. VitamináC, carotenoids, and selenium potentiate the antineoplastic effect of vitamináE.

VitamináB Complex

VitaminsáB are justly called an ôenergy teamö. Each vitamináB has specific therapeutic properties. However, all vitaminsáB have two things in common. First, they are responsible for energy production. To this end, vitaminsáB extract fuel from carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids contained in food. Second, they coexist in nature. The individual properties of vitaminsáB are utilized to the best advantage. They do not cause imbalances followed by specific consequences.

VitamináB1 (Thiamin): It acts as a brain tonic. A dose of 50 to 100ámg of thiamin is sufficient for most people. This dose can be raised in some special cases (such as pains or illnesses).

VitamináB2 (Riboflavin): It is an antioxidant, tonic, and team player. A daily intake of 25 to 50ámg is sufficient for sanitary purposes.

VitamináB3 (Niacin): It cures distemper and controls cholesterol. Nicotinamide mends joints and controls diabetes. Niacin (nicotinic acid) controls cholesterol well. Nicotinamide is the second natural form of vitamináB3.

VitamináB6 (Pyridoxine): It is the most important vitamin of the B complex. In elderly people, vitamináB6 is needed for a strong natural protection from bacterial and viral infections. A lack of vitamináB6 leads to a decrease in the T-cell population. These cells are responsible for the immune system response.

VitamináB9 (Folic Acid): It is always lacking. Folic acid additives can restore the uterine cervical dysplasia. A daily intake of 10ámg of folic acid can eliminate precancer cells. It also removes the necessity for surgical intervention within 2ámonths. A person should take at least 3 to 8ámg of folic acid daily. In order to facilitate the folic acid assimilation, one needs to take bifid bacteria additives. The latter promote the additional production of folic acid by microflora of colon.

VitamináB12 (Cobalamin): It is a viable injection. The vitamináB12 assimilation depends totally on the ôintrinsic intestine factorö. This is a substance produced in the stomach. It combines with the vitamin to carry it into the blood flow. Before a malignant tumor development, cells exhibit a precancer transformation (dysplasia). Precancer changes in smokers lungs can be removed totally by a daily intake of both vitamináB12 at a dose of 750áμg and folic acid at a dose of 10 to 20ámg. Such a treatment should be performed for 1 year.

Choline and Lecithin (Phosphatidylcholine): They act as recreators of initial tissues. Lecithin can substantially increase the total efficiency of bio additive treatment. This goes for an entire gamut of female diseases (such as uterine fibroid, chronic cystic mastitis, endometriosis, uterine cancer, and breast cancer). Large doses of Choline and Lecithin should be accompanied by vitamináC and calcium. VitamináC protects a person from nitrosamines, which are produced during Choline metabolism. Calcium is required to fix excess phosphor contained in Lecithin.

Inositol: It acts as a natural sleeping pill. This is a safe natural bio additive. It makes unnecessary an entire category of potentially harmful drugs (such as soporific drugs and tranquilizers). To overcome temporal or chronic insomnia, one should take 500 to 1,500ámg of Inositol before going to bed. To remove anxiety, neurosis, and obsessions, one has to take 6 to 18ág of Inositol.

Pantethine: It is more efficient than anticholesterol drugs. Pantethine reduces cholesterol content more efficiently than pharmaceutical drugs amenable to side effects. Pantethine safety and efficiency were demonstrated by tens of comprehensive medical investigations in Europe and Japan. Many of us received our first doses of Pantethine with our mothers milk. This nutrient stimulates the growth of bifid bacteria and other amicable microorganisms in the digestive tract. The better the balance of these bacteria in the intestine, the better the protection against pathogenic germs. Antibiotics are a menace to this balance because they destroy both amicable and pathogenic bacteria. So, when antibiotics are needed, a Pantethine additive may considerably decrease side effects.

Pantothenic Acid: This is a Pantethine precursor. Pantothenic acid represents an independent therapeutic factor (especially, in the case of skin diseases). A daily intake of 900ámg of pantothenic acid was found to improve wound healing and postoperative recovery. For general improvement, one should take 100 to 200ámg of either Pantethine or pantothenic acid. To stabilize cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well as to treat inflammation, allergy, and an autoimmune disease, one should take 600 to 900ámg of Pantethine and pantothenic acid daily.

P-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA): It is a tonic and rigidity fighter.

Biotin: It is a benefactor of diabetics. A lack of biotin encounters seldom. This compound is produced by a human intestinal microflora. A biotin insufficiency is often observed in children because their digestive tract may have insufficient numbers of useful bacteria. A somewhat risk of biotin deficit exists in people who live on a long-term intravenous feeding or who undergo a long-term antibiotic treatment. The same goes for both regular drinkers and people taking antispasmodic compounds. A daily intake of several crude egg whites brings about increasing the bodily biotin demand.


In 1928, American biochemist of the Hungarian origin Albert Szent-Gyorgyi extracted a substance, which was thereafter called vitamináC. Ascorbic acid is among the major antioxidant nutrients. It independently destroys free radicals and microbial infections. Furthermore, vitamináC extends life of other antioxidants, vitamináE, and Glutathione. People who take more vitamináC live longer. Here comes a question: ôWhy?ö


Everybody knows that vitamináC can cope with a cold or other infections. It activates protective forces of the body. In the beginning, viral and microbial infections are susceptible to radical therapy with vitamináC. This treatment can be combined with other infectious fighters, such as zinc, vitamináA, and bioflavonoids.

Asthma and Allergies

VitamináC can effectively fight allergy. When vitamináC is administered at doses of 1,000ámg (or more) per day, it acts as an antihistaminic compound.

Cancer and Infarction

VitamináC is believed to be the most potent anticarcinogenic nutrient. A daily intake of 1ág (or more) of ascorbic acid reduces the risk of stomach cancer and precancer changes. When vitamináC is taken at optimum doses during all life long, it may prevent women from breast cancer, uterine cervical cancer. Also vitamin C is prevention of a pancreas cancer. VitamináC can prevent colon cancer, esophagus cancer, bladder cancer, and endometrial cancer. For example, when 100 people having terminal cancer take 10ág of vitamináC daily, they remain alive four times longer than it might be expected. Five days after the beginning of the vitamináC intake, the people begin to feel better, stronger, and brisker. The people also start to show a good appetite. Some researchers believe that vitamináC may retard tumor growth by encapsulating malignant lesions in cicatricial tissue. Besides that, vitamináC may strengthen collagen tissue, which stops overgrowing. Although vitamináC is not a drug, it helps the body to cope with the disease and consequences of conventional precancer therapy. Surgical intervention, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy substantially decrease the content of ascorbic acid in the body. Recent investigations show that vitamináC can enhance chemotherapy efficiency. A dose of 40ág of vitamináC per day can prevent the loss of hair, which is almost inevitable during these therapies. VitamináC is an irreplaceable antioxidant in the treatment of cardiac diseases. Scientists around the world have already demonstrated the therapeutic effect of vitamináC on cardiovascular diseases. This effect has been proven by hundreds of case reports.


VitamináC copes well with emotional and physical stresses. Adrenals secrete hormones that are needed to act under stress conditions. These glands contain more ascorbate than other bodily regions. On the one hand, vitamináC promotes the production of these stress hormones. On the other hand, it protects the body from toxins that appear during their metabolism.


It was reported that a daily intake of vitamináC at doses of 1 to 3ág favors the loss of weight. In this case, vitamináC makes the body healthier. It eliminates toxic agents, which accompany fat decomposition, from the body. Furthermore, vitamináC helps the liver to sustain a stronger action of free radicals, which is associated with the loss of weight.


A daily intake of vitamináC at a dose of more than 8 g can reduce the uric acid concentration. The dose of vitamináC should increase gradually, starting with 1 g on the first day.


When vitamináC is administered at a dose of 2ág per day, it retards the gallstone formation by 350á%. Because of this, it is rational to regularly take vitamináC.

Ophthalmic Disorders

VitamináC produces an antioxidant protection of the eye. It prevents the development of cataracts and retards their growth. To this end, a person should take at least 800ámg of vitamináC in combination with vitamináE and Beta-carotene. It is recommended that people take 500ámg of vitamináC per day for prophylactic purposes.

Drug Addiction

Megadoses of vitamináC in combination with the B complex can eliminate abstinent symptoms in people who are trying to overcome heroin addiction. A smaller dose of vitamináC may suppress drug addiction in drug takers.

Let us give some recommendations. In order that each bodily cell would be filled with this sanitary antioxidant, the dose of vitamináC should be divided into several parts. The body utilizes vitamináC soon after its consumption. In order to maintain a high concentration of vitamináC, the total daily dose should be divided into several small parts (taken during a day). One should gradually increase and decrease the dose. A starting dose should not exceed 1ág per day, and it should gradually increase within a week. In addition, one has to take enzymes because digestive enzymes promote blood saturation with vitamináC. In this connection, it is recommended that vitamináC should be taken during a meal. Finally, one should mix vitamináC with minerals.



Among nutrients contained in the body in large quantities, calcium ranks next to proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. As compared to other nutrients, our need for calcium is tremendous. Due to this, it has the highest admissible daily dose. To all intents and purposes, a person would have turned into a jelly without calcium. In this case, a person would have neither bones nor teeth. Many compounds sold on the market cannot satisfy a persons daily need for calcium, which is measured in grams, not in milligrams. However, the major secret is that calcium is of importance not only for a persons bones, teeth, and nails. This substance also plays a key role in the treatment of many diseases in obstetrics, cardiology, oncology, and some other medical branches. Mineral ions form the basis for everything. Scientists believe that the major cause of good health is water rich in mineral ions. This particularly goes for ions that are scarce in water.

It is known that the Hunzakuts (a two-thousand-year Himalayan civilization) live longer than an average man. The potable water of the Hunzakuts, which is rich in mineral ions, takes its origin in mountain springs. Running down the mountains, the water washes away calcium, mineral ions, and microelements out of superficial and underground stones. This water is electrically charged with positive and negative ions, being divided because of blows when falling on stones. As a result, the water supplies the bodies of the Hunzakuts with requisite mineral ions. People inhabiting the Tokunoshima and Okinawa islands (Japan) live for over 100 years. They remain active and sportive; they retain sexual activity and good spirits. The point is that these islands were coral atolls in the past. They are composed of an amazing coral-the Sango white coral. This is the only type of coral that is identical to the human bone in structure. In Japan, this coral is employed to make artificial bones, which  are not rejected by the body. It is also used to make artificial eyes because blood vessels can grow through it. Where can a person take these magic ions of health from? Every year, it becomes more difficult to receive these ions from vegetables because the content of mineral salts in the soil decreases drastically. The upper layer of fertile soil, which is rich in nutrients, has decreased from 1ám down to 15ácm over the last 200 years. This is associated partially with soil erosion. However, the main cause is faulty agricultural activity, in which the animal husbandry prevails, and crop rotation is virtually absent. Acid rains can also promote a decrease in the pH value of the soil. As a result, many of the remained mineral ions are connected and inaccessible to plants. To compensate for the shortage of these ions, the plants take up toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and inorganic aluminum from acid rains. Food processing additionally exhausts food. Vital microelements can be absent in or removed from food. However, a person needs them in small quantities. For example, this goes for copper, chromic zinc, selenium, and iodine. Micro- and macroelements, which are needed at larger quantities, form electrolytes. The latter supply the body with vital energy, which is necessary for its functioning. The key factor of health is to retain and restore the balance. Mineral ions play an important role in the immune response. The human body is threaded with oscillations: the stronger the internal oscillations, the healthier the person. The amplitude of electric oscillations changes proportionally with alkaline and acid chemical compounds present in the body at a given instant. Alkaline cells represent a small package of enzymes that generate energy and work within some specific ranges of pH values. Intracellular enzymes can function when the pH value of a solution approaches the neutral one (except for a highly acidic environment of the stomach). Everything that changes the pH value of a cellular environment can deactivate or alter the activity of cellular enzymes. This leads to cellular starvation and cellular death. Currently, many people can treat their diseases or maintain their health using the most amazing Sango coral. A milled Sango coral (taken from Japanese islands) is employed to produce a drug compound. This compound contains about 70 vital elements (such as calcium, magnesium, silicon, sodium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphor, iodine, fluorine, bromine, manganese, chromium, boron, carbon, selenium, platinum, argentum, copper, aurum, and molybdenum). This compound is called Alka-Main. Coral calcium saturates water with all active components contained in it. First of all, this goes for ionized calcium. This water can be taken daily for prophylactic purposes. To this end, 1 package of the Alka-Main coral calcium should be dissolved in 1.5 liter of unboiled water for 24 hours. At larger doses, this water can also be used to treat various acute and malignant diseases. In this case, 1 package of the Alka-Main coral calcium should be dissolved in 1 glass of unboiled water. A person has to drink 3 glasses of the water daily. The person should also take 1 package of coral calcium dissolved in 1 liter of water in the course of a day.

Water containing coral calcium

- decreases the risk of gastrointestinal diseases;

- sets an optimum pH value of the blood and intercellular fluid;

- prevents the development of arthritis and arthrosis;

- prevents osteoporosis;

- restores the normal structure of cartilage and bone tissues;

- normalizes the blood pressure and sugar;

- improves the blood inflow to the central nervous system and other organs and tissues.

Easy application enables a person to maintain health at an optimum level. Of special importance is that coral calcium can reliably prevent a person from malignant tumors. This is due to the fact that malignant cells do not live in the alkaline environment.


Radiotherapy and anticarcinogenic compounds exhaust magnesium resources in the body. The Alka-Main coral calcium and the Calcium Magic compound offer a wonderful solution to this problem. In addition to the advantages of coral calcium, the Calcium Magic compound also contains the increased magnesium dosage. This compound can be used both in the prophylaxis and in the treatment (radiotherapy and chemotherapy included).


Zinc is needed for the normal functioning of all bodily cells. Zinc is rapidly eliminated from the body under stress (such as the physical, emotional, chemical ones). It is also removed from the body under the action of toxic metals, pesticides, and environmental contaminations. Aging inevitably puts a person on a sidetrack. With years, a human stomach stops producing a sufficient amount of acid that is necessary to absorb this mineral. Similarly to vitamináC, zinc can completely destroy viral infections at an early stage. The less the zinc level, the easier the malignant tumor development. People affected by cancer diseases actively eliminate this mineral from the body. According to Czech researchers, this means that the body mobilizes its zinc reserves at early inflammatory stages of cancer. Zinc additives stimulate the production of white blood cells, which are among antineoplastic components of the immune system. They also support the general activity of neutrophils, T-lymphocytes, and natural antineoplastic cells (natural killers). Besides that, zinc is needed to produce thymalin-the major thymic hormone. A daily intake of 15 to 25ámg of zinc is needed for prophylactic purposes.


This substance can reduce cancer morbidity by nearly 40á%. Furthermore, it can decrease the death rate of cancer by 50á%. Hence, this substance can be called an anticarcinogenic antioxidant. The outstanding results of oncological investigations show that this microelement is a potent carcinostatic agent and immune response modifier. It has a wide spectrum of action on human health. A relationship between selenium and cancer prevention has been documented. Population screenings demonstrated lower lung cancer, rectum cancer, uterine cervical cancer, and uterine cancer rates in people inhabiting regions that contain much selenium in the soil. The most successful investigation on cancer prevention was published on Decemberá25, 1996. The investigation had been carried out for 10 years, and it was supported by the National Cancer Research Institute. It involved more than 1,000 patients who received 200áμg of selenium daily.

People taking selenium revealed a decrease in the death rate of lung, prostate, colon, and rectum cancer. The death rate decreased in them by 49á%. The results of this investigation show that an optimum protection of cancer requires more selenium than food can give. In order to utilize protective antineoplastic properties of selenium to the best advantage, one should take 200áμg of the corresponding additive daily. For additional protection from an inflammation, viral infection, immune disorder, and heavy metal intoxication, one should take selenium at a dose of 400áμg, which is quite safe.

There are several types of selenium additives on sale. The best of them is selenium (an aminochelate form). This agent ensures a perfect protection from various diseases, cancer included.

Antioxidants and Adaptogenes


This is the most potent antioxidant among the currently known ones. It neutralizes free radicals, which emerge in the body during its functioning. A single Microhydrin pill has antioxidant properties that are similar to those of 100ákg of vitamináC. The number of free radicals increases when a person consumes fatty food and sugar. Furthermore, their number increases when the body is invaded by toxic substances, chemical agents, contaminated air, and polluted water. Because of this, Microhydrin is of special importance for people living in polluted regions. Microhydrin improves characteristics, the pH value, surface tension, and specific conductivity of biological environment surrounding cells. Microhydrin promotes

- general health improvement;

- more effective assimilation of the nutrients;

- tonus enhancement;

- augmentation of energy resources of the body;

- mental activity improvement;

- retardation of aging;

- elimination of disorders caused by the action of free radicals (which prevents the development of many chronic diseases).

Besides that, Microhydrin produces antiviral and antibacterial effects. For prophylactic purposes, one should take 1 Microhydrin pill daily. During radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the preoperative and postoperative periods, a daily dose of the compound should be increased (it should be not less than 2 pills per day).

Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone)

This coenzyme is an integral part of cancer therapy. Similarly to many other means of natural therapy of cancer, coenzyme Q10 gives some new force to the immune system. This coenzyme produces no direct effect on the malignant tumor. A person shows rather a significant need for the coenzyme, especially at the age of over 40 when the body begins to produce less nutrients. A daily dose of 90ámg is the minimum quantity for a therapeutic effect. For cancer protection, a person should take 200 to 400ámg of coenzyme Q10 daily.


It can be widely employed as a therapeutic and prophylactic mean for various purposes: from insomnia elimination to cancer protection. Melatonin is an active hormone of the thyroid gland. The more science learns about melatonin, the better it understands that melatonin is the first-class antioxidant. By stimulating the most important antioxidant enzyme, melatonin prevents the action of two dangerous free radicals-hydroxyl and peroxide. Hence, an optimum melatonin quantity can protect a person from cataract, cardiac disease, neurologic disorder, and cancer. As a therapeutic and prophylactic mean, melatonin is a potent agent against some types of cancer. This particularly goes for malignant tumors of the skin, breast, and prostate. This hormone rejuvenates some components of the human protective system. As a result, their joint actions give rise to a stronger immunity. Among the ways that enable melatonin to counteract cancer is to stimulate immune cells-natural killers. In addition, the hormone causes the white blood cells to protect the body. It is recommended that oncological patients should take from 12 to 20ámg of melatonin every evening. It was reported that people with metastatic cancer survive for a longer time when they take (at least) this quantity of melatonin. According to European researchers, even an annual dose of 200ámg was quite safe. However, the dose of melatonin should be administered on an individual-basis approach.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The Omega-3 fat is the main version of insufficiency of indispensable fatty acids in man. The Omega-3 fat includes three specific indispensable fatty acids. These are the alpha linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The Omega-3 fats produce a potent inhibiting effect on the development of breast cancer and colon cancer. This compound was found to suppress precancer changes in the mucous membrane of the colon. This is indicative of a reduced cancer risk and prevented precancer polyps. In the presence of adenoma (a precancer tumor) of the rectum, these fats normalize the proliferation of mucous membrane cells within 12 weeks. The Omega-3 fatty acids block the formed hormones that stimulate the tumor growth. A daily dose of 18ág of the Omega-3 compound decreases the number of T-suppressors cells that suppress immune reactions. In addition to the elimination and reversal of various cancers, the EPA and DHA represent an effective means against a dangerous phenomenon of all oncological patients as cachexia. The latter destroys tissues and leads to the loss of weight. In order that a cancer patient would survive, one needs to stop the loss of weight and to retain the bodily weight. The daily prophylactic doses of the DHA and EPA are 1,000ámg and 1,600ámg, respectively. The Omega-3 fatty acids are also used at any stage of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the preoperative and postoperative periods.

Amino Acids

A person needs amino acids to retain and improve his or her health. These acids are also needed to treat diseases. The absence of a single indispensable amino acid will lead to inadequate metabolism of the rest of seven acids. Unless there were different amino acid combinations, hair could not have been differentiated from the heart and so on. Similarly to letters that compose a word, these chemical substances combine in numerous ways. As a result, they give rise to protein molecules that determine and govern all cells of the body. There are eight indispensable amino acids. A body cannot produce them from other materials. It has to obtain them in a ready-made form from food or additives.

Amino acids are necessary to fight cancer. They help to maintain a requisite balance in the body to prevent cachexia. The entire complex of amino acids, the indispensable ones included, is contained in Lucerne, Protivity, and BioShape compounds. For prophylactic purposes, a daily Lucerne intake is 1.5ág. In the case of radiotherapy or chemotherapy, the daily intake increases up to 3 to 5ág. The Protivity and BioShape compounds are usually employed for prophylactic purposes. They are also used after chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In these cases, they are administered according to a standard procedure. In all other cases, the dose of these compounds should be chosen on an individual-basis approach for complex therapy.


The main property of adaptogenes is to increase the persons tolerance. These compounds enhance the production of interferon. This is an important compound that increases the immunologic tolerance. Adaptogenes are safe for a person. Their long-term application causes no complications. If a person has achieved an optimum state, his or her raised tolerance to physical, chemical, and biological factors may persist for several weeks. This holds true even if he or she has stopped taking adaptogenes. These produce an immediate favorable effect on the person. This effect manifests itself in the enhancement of mental and physical working capacity of the human subject. Adaptogenes are effective protectors against stress. It is known that modern techniques for cancer treatment (such as surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy) are aggressive in character. An intake of adaptogenes makes it possible to increase irradiation and toxin doses that a person can tolerate. Furthermore, these compounds improve the outcome of surgical intervention. Adaptogenes can be classified into three main groups according to their action features.

1. Stimulating and tonic adaptogenes. They were produced from herbs known as stimulators of the nervous system. Adaptogenes of this group are believed to effectively transfer the body to an optimum state.

2. Sedative adaptogenes.

3. Adaptogenes extracted from a great many herbs. These adaptogenes help a person to reach optimum health. To this end, these compounds are administered regularly at stable doses for a long time. They are so-called ônatural immune response modulator.

A malignant tumor or precancer disease is a contraindication to the administration of stimulating adaptogenes. Stimulating adaptogenes are produced from the ginseng, eleuterococcus, aralia, roseroot, carthamoid rhapontic, and echinacea.

Sedative adaptogenes can be applied at any stage of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. They can also be used after these treatments. This group of adaptogenes includes compounds produced from the valerian, peony, hop, globeflower, granadilla, blue skullcap, catnip, lavender, mint, and camomile.

Immune Response Modulating Adaptogenes

They include compounds produced from Pau DArco bark, licorice root, aloe, lucerne, garlic, red clover, sage, bugbane, and spirulina. Colostrum produces a wonderful immune response modulating effect. These adaptogenes are indicated mainly for cancer prevention and treatment. Let us consider some representatives of this group. Undoubtedly, the most illustrative example is PauáDArco bark. Brazilian Indians have used the inner PauáDArco bark for many centuries. They employed it in the treatment of many diseases. This tree also has other names, such as Pau DArco, Lapacho, Taheebo, and Tabebuia. Of value is the inner layer of the bark, which contains lapachol. This compound is antibacterial and antimycotic in action. In this connection, as distinct from other endemic trees, Tabebuia gives birth to no fungi. It has been established that Pau DArco bark mitigates pain, increases the number of erythrocytes in blood, and produces a beneficial effect on patients with infectious and viral diseases. Besides that, Pau DArco bark has antimycotic and antiparasitic effects. It is employed to treat bacterial infections, allergies, rheumatism, gastritis, colitis, prostatitis, anemia, and urinary system inflammation. Pau DArco is particularly useful in the case of intestinal and vaginal candidiasis.

Pau DArco is the only plant on the earth that can treat malignant tumors, leukemia included. This discovery was confirmed by scientists from the National Cancer Institute in 1968.

Pau DArco pills represent an extraction of the active compound at a dose of 0.5ág. Pau DArco can be used starting at the age of 3. PauáDArco is a necessary and irreplaceable link in the formation of antineoplastic immunity. In this case, a daily intake is as follows: children at the age between 3 and 12 should take 1 pill twice a day, whereas adolescents and adults should take 1 pill thrice a day. For therapeutic purposes, the drug dose depends on the cancer localization, tumor type, the presence of metastases, and treatment administered. Let us consider some drug doses.

Preoperative Period

The compound administration should begin at least 7 days before the operation. A daily dose of PauáDArco is 2.5ág, which can be ensured by 5ápills. The compound is not given during the operation and anesthesia recovery.

Postoperative Period

A daily dose of Pau DArco is 2.5 to 3ág, which corresponds to 5 to 6 pills. When carrying out radiotherapy, which absorbed dose does not exceed 40áGy, the daily dose of the compound should amount to 4ág of PauáDArco (8 pills). In the case of chemotherapy, the daily dose of PauáDArco should reach 3 to 4ág (6 to 8 pills). Note, this compound has to be employed in the complex treatment of cancer. There are no contraindications to the PauáDArco application.

Licorice Root

Licorice root, which is also called Gan Cao, has been applied in the Chinese medicine for more than 3,000 years. Licorice root is used to increase the qi life energy, to strengthen the spleen, to decrease fever, and to eliminate cough. It reduces irritation and possesses expectorant action. Licorice root stimulates adrenal cortex. Licorice root has the best effect in the treatment of hypoglycemia. It is also effective in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers. Licorice root is a favorite medicinal herb of the American Indians, Chinese doctors, and Ancient Greeks.

This herb has a potent antiphlogistic effect due to its main chemical component glycyrrhizin. This substance retards the destruction of own antiphlogistic adrenal steroids. In addition, it enhances the effects of other herbs.

It has been known since the 1960s that licorice is as effective against cough as codeine. The licorice extract enhances the alleviating effect of antacids by about 80á%. It reduces the aspirin-related risk of ulcers by 50 %. Furthermore, licorice can possibly minimize the formation of dental calculus. Of special importance is that licorice can prevent AIDS development in HIV patients. It can retard the growth of other viruses, the hepatitisáB and Epstein-Barr viruses included. Normally, a person should take from three to six 300- to 600-mg pills of the licorice extract.

Aloe Vera

Most people take this ôplant of immortalityö, as the Ancient Egyptians used to call it, in order to facilitate the healing of minor burns, cuts, and scratches. Some recent investigations demonstrated that Aloe Vera activates a weak immune system. As a result, this plant is applied in the treatment of viral infections and cancer. The most thorough investigation was performed in regards to eismannin a substance contained in Aloe Vera. Eismannin can produce a considerable beneficial effect. An effective therapeutic dose is at least 500ámg of eismannin per day. Note, a similar effect can be produced by 1.5 liter of aloe juice per day. This can be acceptable for some people (for a example, for those affected with cancer or AIDS). However, no one can be sure that the juice contains eismannin. The Aloemannan compound contains a necessary dosage of this unique substance. In order to produce a prophylactic effect and form antineoplastic immunity, a person should take 1 Aloemannan pill daily. Therapeutic doses are selected on an individual-basis approach.


Garlic is one of the best studied plants all over the world. It is a real panacea. Garlic can be used for food and medical purposes. A list of its beneficial effects is impressive. Garlic stimulates immune functions such that almost any disease would take a favorable course. Garlic decreases a high content of blood sugar. It can also improve metabolism, which enables a person to slim fast. Large doses of garlic can prevent cancer. Furthermore, garlic can reduce the risk of cardiac diseases. It decreases the cholesterol content of blood, prevents adhesion of blood lipids to arterial walls, and decreases a high blood pressure. Besides that, garlic retards the production and release of thromboxaneáB2 a compound that causes the constriction of blood vessels and bronchial tracts.

A person can take garlic in different ways. Unless a person likes its taste or unless a person can take it daily, he or she may take pills of a mature garlic extract. This medicinal form is tasteless and odorless. It was studied most carefully by scientists. Inasmuch as the curative effect of garlic increases proportionally with its dose, it is rational to employ ready-made additives for therapeutic purposes. It is recommended that a daily dose should range from 2,400 to 3,200ámg.

A person should exercise caution when dealing with products containing allicin. The latter is a transient compound. It is formed during the mincing of fresh garlic. Allicin is not assimilated in the gastrointestinal tract. There are some reasons for this. Laboratory investigations demonstrated that allicin can both damage erythrocytes and irritate biological tissues.


According to the Ancient Arabs and modern scientists, lucerne is the ôprogenitorö of all medicaments. This plant belongs to the legumes family. It contains mineral substances that are necessary for the body. These include calcium, phosphor, manganese, iron, zinc, copper, and some others. Lucerne contains a series of proteolytic enzymes, which decompose proteins and facilitate their assimilation. Lucerne is an important source of chlorophyll and many vitamins. It has a wide spectrum of action. Lucerne favors the healing of erosions, ulcers, and open wounds. It can also effectively fight infections. The intake of lucerne increases the elasticity of arteries, decreases the cholesterol content of blood plasma, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, and stabilizes the sugar content of blood. Lucerne facilitates the mitigation of inflammatory processes. Because of this, it is employed to treat chronic and acute cystitis, prostatitis, peptic ulcers, arthritis, as well as rheumatism. In addition, it prevents the development of diabetes-related complications. It also enhances lactation in nursing mothers. Because lucerne produces a multiple effect, it can be employed in the treatment of any chronic disease. What is more, lucerne perfectly purifies blood. Lucerne is indicated in radiotherapy, chemotherapy, as well as in the preoperative and postoperative periods. For revitalizing purposes, a daily lucerne intake should be 3ág. For therapeutic purposes, a daily lucerne intake should be 4.5 to 5ág. To produce a therapeutic effect, the dose has to be selected on an individual-basis approach.

Red Clover

The Tincture No.á2 presents an excellent blend of red clover and other plants. The tincture contains garlic, red clover sprouts, fenugreek seeds, cassia bark, red sage leaves, bugbane leaves, and goldenseal roots.

This blend ensures a natural depuration of the body, especially of the blood. It is applied as nutrient additive to treat chronic and degenerative processes as well as intoxication. This blend perfectly neutralizes carcinogens, protects the liver from detrimental effects of drugs and chemicals, as well as eliminates heavy metals and radioactive isotopes from the body. It is therefore included in cancer treatments (such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy). This compound is employed to diminish side effects of the treatments.

The tincture is employed in supportive and restorative purposes at doses shown on the package. For therapeutic purposes, the dose is selected on an individual-basis approach.

In conclusion, let us sum up the information on the above-described compounds. The results obtained will also be of use for those who has undergone a successful treatment of malignant tumors and fear tumor recurrences.

Selenium 200 to 400 μg

VitamináE 400 to 1200 IU

VitamináC 5 to 10ág

Zinc 50 to 100 mg

CoenzymeáQ10 200 to 400 mg

Magnesium 400 mg

Tincture No.á2

Useful bacteria

VitamináA 10000 to 25000 IU

Pau D’Arco 3 to 4 g

VitamináB complex 50 to 100 mg

Manganese 10 mg

Lucerne 1 to ă g

Antineoplastic techniques, which are based on natural nontoxic compounds, made a considerable progress as compared to traditional oncological methods. This particularly goes for techniques that are alternative to toxic chemotherapy and radiotherapy. As distinct from the latter methods, treatment with nutrient additives can often retard tumor growth at early stages. Furthermore, it can lead to the total remission. The entire cancer therapy cannot be elucidated for many reasons.

First, cancer therapy needs much more than irreplaceable lipids, antioxidants, medicinal herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Second, treatment should be adapted for biological indicators of each patient and for the corresponding cancer form which it develops. Last but not least, one should not discredit the value of cancer therapy by proposing a ômake-it-yourselfö treatment. If a person has a problem of this type, he or she has to find a physician practicing alternative medicine. The physician should be an expert in the application of natural compounds and should have a broad experience of bioadditive treatment.

What Should a Person Do If He or She Has Been Diagnosed Cancer?

First, experienced oncologists should remove the tumor. If a person is administered chemotherapy or radiotherapy, these treatments should be combined with the body depuration and application of antioxidants, adaptogenes, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and medicinal herbs. For anybody, an operation is a fear of anticipation. This is a fear of the unknown and pain. This is inevitable loss of blood. This is the mobilization of bodily forces for the stitch cicatrization.

Because of this, present-day methods for the treatment of tumors [such as surgical intervention, radiation therapy, and the injection of large doses of cytostatic agents (chemical compounds)] bear a load on the human being in the form of a stress. Although these methods are effective in cancer treatment, they by themselves represent a serious stress. As a result, a cancer patient weakened by the tumor is additionally subjected to a strong stress. This stress further worsens the persons protective mechanisms, the antineoplastic ones included. This is why a surgical operation is sometimes followed by the acceleration of tumor growth and metastases.

In order to mitigate the detrimental effect of a surgical operation, one needs to apply various techniques. The latter may include present-day anesthetic techniques, blood transfusion, and the injection of various nutrient solutions. However, the simplest and most effective way to alleviate the stress of a surgical operation and cytostatic treatment is to feed the patient with adaptogenes and antioxidants. It is worth noting that the most potent and suitable compounds proposed for the complex therapy include Microhydrin, coral calcium, and PauáDArco. It is recommended that the patient should take them 5 to 7 days before a surgical operation or cytostatic treatment. If possible, the patients body should be purified according to the ôColo-Vada Plusö program. The compounds should be taken several days after the intervention. Investigations demonstrated that adaptogenes decrease the probability of growing and proliferating of malignant cells. In some cases, a 1-month intake of adaptogenes can be followed by a 1-week break.

The major principle of oncological treatment is to remove the tumor by a surgical operation (if possible). This is explained by the fact that the existence of a tumor in the body produces a detrimental effect on metabolism and inhibits bodily protective functions. Natural compounds can cope with a small number of pathological cells, which remain in the patients body even after the most radical operation. Because of this, the best therapeutic effect is observed when surgical treatment is combined with natural compounds.

Which food should a patient take in the preoperative and postoperative periods? The patients nutrition should not be restricted in the caloric content at the stage of specific treatment and early rehabilitation. Conversely, the patient has to take compounds such as Protivity, Superfood, BioShape, Lucerne, and Papaya (Pawpaw). They should be added to the patients diet containing proteins. These compounds are recommended in the case of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Many anticancer diets include large doses of vitaminsáA, E, and C, as well as selenium.

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