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5. The Photostim Bioactive Complex

Do you know that cancer attacks one human being in the world every 16 seconds? Moreover, even in such developed country as the USA no powerful cure or treatment of this disease is available. Do you know that among causes that increase the risk of getting attacked by cancer are:

  • stresses;
  • improper feeding;
  • environmental pollution;
  • high workload;
  • age-related dysimmunity;
  • use of cellular telephones.

It is well-known that prevention is better than treatment. There is NO panacea for cancer. But it is possible to prevent an organism from the disease or enhance its ability to resist it.

Photostim, a therapeutic complex, is a result of the latest high technologies. It is a great step of medicine into the 3rd millennium.

Photostim contains a set of substances in their role of active principle, i.e., chlorophyll derivatives that are produced from plant raw materials with use of a specific unique technology.

The Photostim bioactive complex is aimed at:

  • cancer patients with malignant tumors at various stages;
  • patients with risk of degeneracy of benign dermatosis nevi, verrucas, papillomas) and precancers (leukoplakias, dysplastic lesions) into cancer diseases;
  • elderly persons in order to enhance their stamina to cancer diseases;
  • patients who have been exposed to surgery, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy* in order to accelerate recovery of their organism;
  • besides, the Photostim bioactive complex is recommended to persons with the compromised immunity.

   * - it is known that a systemic application of cytostatic agents allows one to cure only 5 % of patients with solid tumors.

Pharmaceutical Form and Package

Photostim is a bioactive complex in the form of 0.04 % dark-green syrup. Photostim comes in 100-ml glass vials singly in a cardboard box with instruction enclosed. Each vial contains 40 mg (0.4 mg/ml) of active water-soluble chlorophyll with a carrying agent in the form of medically pure glycerol.


  • Humoral immune system insufficiency which manifests itself in disposition to bacterial and viral infections. Photostim helps those persons who have any kind of pathogenic microflora in the body to sufficiently suppress it and reduce it by a factor of 1.5 to 2. This process is accompanied by decrease in abnormally high level of leucocytes in blood to normal values.
  • Cell-mediated immunity insufficiency. The stimulation of cell-mediated immunity is aimed at the enhancement of immune response against tumor cells and dysplastic cells. Photostim helps to fight virus-affected cells and eliminate the products of necrosis and tissues’ decomposition from an organism.
  • Malignant tumors. Photostim influences the proliferative activity and the differentiation grade of tumor cells, stimulates nonspecific immunity, and reduces the toxic effect of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Mechanism of Action

Photostim enhances humoral immunity due to the growth of blood lymphocytes’ population in 60 to 70 % of cases and due to the growth of blood neutrophils’ population in 30 to 40 % of cases.

The cell-mediated immunity is stimulated due to the growth of the absolute quantity of phagocytes. In 35 % of cases, it is also stimulated due to the growth of activity of phagocytes and NK-cells. Natural killers are activated under the influence of dysplastic cells, bacteria, their toxins, or metabolic products. As a result, apoptosis (programmed cell death) develops in target cells, and these cells collapse. In 50 % of oncological cases, it is noted a weakening of cytotoxic action of these cells against cells precursors of cancer cells.

On the whole, Photostim specifically stimulates the proliferation of B-cell clones of the bone marrow and the production of the thymus gland.

The action of Photostim onto malignant tumors is based on its effect on pathophysiological mechanisms of tumors growth:

  • effect on faulted process of cells’ growth regulation;
  • effect on the interrelation between a tumor process and an organism as a whole.

Photostim stimulates the formation of antibodies to tumor cells, activates the regeneration of invaded tissues, and thus, prolongs the duration of human life (or prevents its shortening) and considerably improves the quality of life for cancer patients. Besides, in most cases, the tumor growth is being inhibited and the formation of metastases is being prevented.

Photostim does not only allow one to inhibit the growth of tumors or cause their destruction, enhance and activate an organism's available defense mechanisms. It also destroys precursors of cancer cells, i.e., dysplastic cells. By speaking figuratively, Photostim is the so-called "a reconnaissance and sabotage group" whose aim is to detect an enemy, i.e., the cells which are differing from the healthy ones, to transmit the information to the center (the brain), and to perform coordinated operations to destroy them.

Clinical Studies

The performed clinical studies showed that Photostim:

  • stimulates the growth of blood lymphocytes’ population in 60 to 70 % of cases and the growth of blood neutrophils’ population in 30 to 40 % of cases;
  • stimulates both the growth of the absolute quantity of phagocytes and the growth of activity of phagocytes in 35 % of cases;
  • considerably inhibits the tumor growth;
  • decreases the tumor size;
  • weakens the formation of metastases right up to their complete prevention;
  • weakens the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy;
  • prolongs the duration of human life;
  • improves the quality of life.

Method of Administration and Dosage

Photostim is being taken orally (per os) both before radical impact on a tumor (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy) and after such impact.

In the first case, Photostim is being taken daily in the morning on an empty stomach within 1 month before the above forms of treatment. Thus a dose of Photostim (in terms of active water-soluble chlorophyll) should be regulated in the range of 2.0 4.0 mg per day that corresponds to daily intake of 1 2 teaspoons of Photostim.

In the second case, Photostim is also being taken daily in the morning on an empty stomach, but within 1 3 months, after the above forms of treatment with the subsequent break not less than 3 months. Thus a dose of Photostim (in terms of active water-soluble chlorophyll) should be regulated in the range of 1.0 – 2.0 mg per day that corresponds to daily intake of ½ - 1 teaspoon of Photostim.

Side Effects

Photostim produces no allergenic, teratogenic, or mutagenic effect. Reactions of sensitivity of skin and eyes to daylight are possible. In this connection, one should use sunglasses or stop taking this medicine. It is possible to resume application of Photostim at reduced doses not earlier than 1 month after.


At present there is no any information on overdosage of Photostim. Researches of acute toxicity of Photostim which have been performed on laboratory animals showed that its LD10 at a single oral administration (in terms of active water-soluble chlorophyll) makes up 120 mg per kg, which exceeds the recommended dosages by a factor of 2,000 to 8,000.


It is not recommended to exceed the prescribed dosages of Photostim as reaction of photosensitivity of eyes to bright light (especially to sunlight) can develop.

There is no any experience in use of Photostim during pregnancy. Photostim, like any other biostimulants, should not be used during pregnancy, especially within the first three pregnancy months, unless there is guarantee that the expected utility for a mother will higher than the potential risk (not the studied one) for her expected child.

Storage Conditions

Photostim should be stored at a temperature from 0 to +10°C in a dark place.

Shelf Life

24 months (2 years) from manufacture date printed on the package.

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